CCS Board – Spring 2019

Vice President

The Presidential team heads the CEMS Club Seoul. The team supports and coaches the members wherever possible and represents the club during local and international CEMS events and activities. The team is responsible for external affairs of the CEMS Club and thus acts as a representative during different events. Tasks include: 

  • Coordination of the entire team, setting of the semester’s agenda 
  • External representation of the CEMS Club, e.g. in information sessions for interested students and other similar events
  • Responsibility for legal matters such as the general assembly and the club bylaws 
  • Organisation of meetings with university representatives and the KUBS CEMS Office 
  • Participation in the CEMS Club Conference, taking place once per semester, to exchange insights and best practices with other schools’ CEMS Club presidents

Head of Student Relations & Social Responsibility

Student Relations ensures that all students have fun and feel at home in Seoul. We are the first point of contact for ideas, problems and wishes from the students and support the CEMS office in the organisation of student events (welcome event, info session, etc.). Further tasks include: 

  • Organisation of fun and entertaining events which complement the daily life and strengthen the CEMS community 
  • Event planning for the first weeks of the term, which is especially crucial in order to establish a sense of CEMS spirit and community feel among the students
  • Communication and documentation of the events together with the marketing team

Social Responsibility is an integral part of the CEMS MIM. We want to raise awareness of the issue and do our best to become more sustainable global citizens. Every semester we select an overarching topic we want to explore in more detail with a regional focus on South Korea. Our aim is to:

  • Develop and enhance awareness of social responsibility and sustainability among the CEMS students
  • Organize social, environmental and informative events during the semester with a clear focus on the South Korean context
  • Provide hands-on experience of what it means to live a more sustainable life

Head of Marketing

The Marketing team ensures smooth communication with the students and other stakeholders of the CCS (e.g. KUBS students in general). We work closely with all other teams to make sure that everyone is informed. Our tasks include:  

  • Sending out newsletters for students, alumni, and other parties to maintain continuous information flow throughout the CEMS club
  • Working closely with Student Relations and External Relations to organize and coordinate activities within and outside the CEMS community
  • Promoting and advocating events and activities on CEMS club various social media outlets
  • Taking pictures/videos of events 
  • Endorsing CEMS at KUBS, info sessions and/or stands, popularizing the club and reinforcing the CEMS network in Seoul

Head of External Relations

External Relations offers services to CEMS Corporate Partners in addition to the activities organised by the CEMS office. The main idea is to establish events, where students can get to know companies and their representatives. Partners use these events as networking and recruiting platforms. Tasks include:

  • Maintaining relationships with CEMS Corporate Partners, increasing activeness with CEMS Club Seoul
  • Organizing multiple events to build the bridge between current students and CEMS alumni
  • Continuously expanding CEMS’ outreach in Korea, through Korea University, CEMS Club, alumni and other networks

Head of Finance

The Finance team is in charge of the financials of the CCS, as well as any sponsoring activities required from any of the other board members. Additionally, we ensure the long-term financial stability of the CCS. Our tasks include:

  • Budgeting (beginning of term)
  • Ensuring that the budget is balanced at the end of the term
  • We are in charge of reimbursement, the bank account and the collection of membership fees
  • Creation of additional revenue sources, for example university/student body funds

Global Ambassador

Global Ambassadors are exchange students from well-established CEMS Clubs. CEMS selects one representative from each participating school to be a part of the CEMS Global Ambassador Program. These individuals take the role of developing and improving newer CEMS Clubs by sharing best practices from past experiences at their home-universities. They promote the CEMS spirit and develop the club activities, working closely with the CEMS Club President, using their own past experiences in similar positions. This collaboration aims to strengthen not only the presence in Seoul, but to also strengthen the relationships among all the CEMS schools in Asia.